Amidst the many vegetable oils being used today to make soap is olive oil. In 1567 credit was given to the oil from the Castile Castle. It is believed by many soap purists that in order for Castle soap to be in its true integrity it must be made up of 100% olive oil.

Many everyday soaps produce a nice creamy and smooth lather that people just love. This is opposite of basic olive oil soap recipe which are a little slimy, but that didn’t stop the production of the soap nor its popularity.

The recipe to make olive oil soap has gone through a lot of changes. Depending on the different ingredients other than the olive oil and the amounts used in the recipe can result in many variations of the soap when it’s finished. The many variations of olive oil soap recipe differ from the amount of ingredients that it contains. Like this one basic olive oil soap formula.

The ingredients contain 80% of olive oil, 10% coconut oil and 10% of palm oil. To make a large 4.5 lbs. batch, you’ll need 40oz. of olive oil, 5 oz. of palm oil, 5 oz. Coconut oil, 16 oz. of water, 6.7 oz. of lye and essential or fragrance oils if you want scented soap.

Another olive oil soap recipe uses 60 percent of olive oil, 20% of palm oil and 20% of coconut oil and yet another formula would have to compose 60% of olive oil, 10% of palm oil, 20% of coconut oil and 10% canola oil. Again the amount of essentials oils will depend on your taste.

Basic Olive Oil Soap Recipe – Steps

When you have gotten your ingredients together, start the soap-making process by weighing out the oils. You will then heat them until melted. Mix the lye in a container and then combine the lye and oils together.

After this, you may add any fragrances you want to the mixture. This would be the time to add color if you so desire. Finish by pouring the soap mixture in a mold, clean any spills and let the soap set.

Remember with olive oil soap the combinations of oils will produce a slimy lather instead of the foamy and creamy texture your use to with other soaps. The lower grade olive oils are usually preferred in basic olive oil soap recipe because it is less expensive and because its ability to be made easily into soap.


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