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Handmade greeting cards

Handmade Greeting Cards are a Gift of Love


Handmade greeting cards are the craze right now and every paper artist is excited about the limitless options – and considering the variety of products and tools available, who can resist, right! However, oftentimes those who are just beginning to make cards don’t know what it takes to do it. They want to make cards but simply are unable to think of ideas or understand how to begin.

When you’re first learning how to make handmade cards, pick up some card making magazines from your local Michael’s craft or Joann fabric store. This will help with generating ideas. It’s easy to get overwhelmed and feel like you need to buy every tool out there but you don’t. Start out with a selection of solid color card stock and decorative paper, a paper trimmer, double sided tape, some rubber stamps, black ink and a nice assortment of embellishments to choose from. As you learn more techniques you will want to invest in other tools that can really add a professional look to your cards.

Use quality paper for handmade greeting cards

Decorative paper and cardstock are the base for a quality greeting card so put some thought into stuff like color, texture, and thickness when selecting your papers. Card stock is usually a more substantial paper and used for the card alone while the other paper is lighter. Some people choose to use recycled paper for their card making activities, which you can get virtually anyplace. Some others re-use the wrapping paper from holiday gifts and old books, use whichever you prefer.

Paper piecing is regarded as the preferred method to make cards and requires cutting paper, and gluing it on a card front. A paper trimmer or cutter is an important tool, and makes it quick to create mats or backgrounds for your cards and there straight. Some paper will be cut using templates or punches, and most are cut using a die cutting machine. Die cutters use templates or cartridges to select and then cut paper in the design selected by the user.cricut

A die cut machine is real handy to have. It makes making projects so much easier. They’re created to cut out delicate designs from all various kinds of materials such as carton cardstock. The electronic die cut machines are very versatile compared to the manual machines. With manual machines, such as Sizzix, or the Cuttlebug you have to have separate dies for each size and design you wish to cut. On the other hand, the electric machines, like the Cricut, will cut different sizes of the same design, and the cartridges and cards hold hundreds of individual designs. With that said they initially cost a bit more as well.

Paper punches aren’t just for punching round holes in your files anymore. Today’s punches are definitely the answer to the creation of fantastic forms and designs. They are individual shapes like butterflies, balloons and hearts. You also can get them in different sizes of circles, squares, ovals etc. Some come with levers you squeeze together and others you just push down on the button. They range in sizes from Small to Extra Large (or Jumbo), and are really easy to use.

Adhesives and glue are a must have for assembling your cards. You want to use something that will leave a nice smooth finish such as double sided tape, sticky foam pads or glue dots. There is some clear glues that can be used but I would test them out first before using them on a final project.

Handmadegreeting cardsStamping naturally goes with making homemade cards. It’s the easiest method, but usually the most expensive way to create greeting cards; it requires not only stamps and ink, but also special cleaning tools and also other accessories. Stamps are often sold in theme sets and individually. Stamping your cards is a lot of fun and can be used to make them look very professional, but personalized for the recipient. There are stamps for just about any occasion or theme that you would need. Stamped images are often colored in with watercolors, markers, or colored pencils, or left plain. The stamping ink pads will come usually in any color too.

Once your card is put together you may use embellishments to enhance the finished design. They’re no restrictions to what you could use here. Ribbons of all types can be tied around the card and tied into a bow. Flowers as well as buttons can be added for a nice affect. You might use glitter sticks to trace some lines or add sparkle to small areas on the card.

There is so many ways to express yourself through homemade things . The ideas are endless. It card making makes for a great hobby to share with family and friends. Handmade greeting cards could also be the business you always dream of owning.


Here is a Simple card to begin with