Learning how to make baby bows is not difficult and will cost much less then if you buy them. These hair accessories look so darn adorable in a baby’s hair. They also can be made to match any outfit.

It can be rather annoying when these little accessories don’t want to stay baby’s fine hair. There are a couple ways to remedy this. You can use Velcro or a hair clip with a piece of shelf grip attached to it.

You’ll need:

Needle and thread, Scissors, Hot glue gun, Lighter, Clamp, 1 inch Ribbon, ¼ or ½ Ribbon, Velcro or hair clip, and/or Sticky shelf liner.

  1. Cut 12 inches of ribbon or smaller if you want a smaller bow. You will fold the ribbon in half and make a crease. Make sure the ribbons printed or satin side is down. Take one end to the center and do the same with the other side. You have a figure eight shape. You then take the center of each loop and bring it to the center and then clip in the center.
  2. Turn the ribbon to the nicer side and use your needle and thread to make a few stitches to hold it together. You then want to pull the thread to make it gathered. Wrap the string around to secure it and then bring the needle through the center and tie it. Clip off the thread.
  3. Take a thinner ribbon cut off a small piece and burn the edges. Take the hot glue gun and add some glue and wrap the ribbon around the center.
  4. If you’re using Velcro cut it to fit the bow. Take needle and thread and stitch around the Velcro starting in the center on one side and work your way around to the other side so half the Velcro strip is not sewn. This is the side you will attach to your babies hair. Finally glue the Velcro strip to the bow. Allow to dry before using.
  5. The second option to keep bows from sliding off your baby’s hair is using the grip shelf liner. You can get this at most stores. Cut 2 smaller strips to glue to the inside of the hair clip and then glue the bow to the clip and let dry before using.

It is so much fun and satisfying to make homemade things. You know have endless possibilities for how to make baby bows for every outfit.


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