Container candlesA free standing candles can drip on surfaces if left unattended or allowed to burn too long and are messy to clean up. This discourages some people from using them.

The great thing about candles is the mood lighting it creates. When lit they set the stage with their soft glow for an ambiance that is romantic and sensual. A fireplace can have the same effect, but not everyone has a fireplace. Candles on the other hand are convenient and can be lit just about anywhere. Some have fragrances that can help create any kind of mood you want to create.

What about Container Candles?

Container candles are really one of the simplest ways to get started making homemade candles. You will need to get some important candle supplies before you begin your project. For starters you’ll need wax and you can choose from paraffin, soy or beeswax. The container your candle will be in and that should be made from glass, ceramic or tin. You need a double boiler, thermometer, pre-tabbed wicks, glue gun, an empty pen barrel and a wood skewer. It’s optional to color and scent your candle or both. If you choose this option then you’ll need dye and fragrances

Making Candles in a Container

It’s time now for the fun to start. To begin, put the wax in the double boiler and let the wax melt and heat up to the temperature of 160 to 165 degrees Fahrenheit. Use the thermometer to keep track of the temp. When the wax temperature gets to 160 to 165 degrees, this is when you would add in your dye or fragrance.

While the wax is heating up glue the pre-tabbed wick to the bottom of your container. It’s easier to get the wick centered on the bottom by putting the wick in the empty ball pen barrel and lowering it into the container. Next you want to tie the end of the wick on the wooden skewer or a toothpick, depending on the diameter of the container’s opening to help keep that straight.

To reduce bubbles in your candle it’s recommended you heat your container in the oven on the very lowest setting for just a few minutes. Then carefully pour the hot melted wax into the container leaving enough room from the containers opening.

Let the wax cool down and set completely. If you find a depression in the center of the candle, reheat some leftover wax to a temperature higher than the melting temperature to ensure better cohesiveness. This is also to avoid unattractive lines from forming in the finished product.

Once the candle is completely set, you have your very own homemade candle that can be used right away or given as a gift. When you are comfortable with the basics of candle making, you can start working on perfecting the shape, color, texture and the scent of the candle. Lots of folks make candles as a hobby. Homemade candles are not only great for gift giving, but you can customize them to match your décor. They can also help you save money if you like to burn a lot of candles in your home.


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