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making hair bows

Making Hair Bows Give You a Larger Selection of Accessories

Hair bows is one such accessory which has never been out of fashion and making hair bows is so simple. Since they were invented, the bows have adorned heads of girls of all age groups. Even today, right from baby girls or teenagers, everyone can wear a hair bow. Secondly, they can be made in endless patterns and varieties and hence, you don’t easily get bored by it. Well, if you love hair bows and often spend on them; you can easily save a lot by learning the technique yourself. This is also one of the most loved craft activities for girls. There are so many patterns available on making hair bows. The designs can range from hard to easy so taking the time to look over every design that is offered will suit the designer in the long run. People who love to do things with their hands are usually the ones who are looking for patterns to make their own hair bows.

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Ribbon is one of the most important components of a hair bow, and with the hundreds of options available it can be a daunting component. Choosing a few basic types of ribbon, like satin and grosgrain, and then selecting a small range of colors and patterns, will allow you to get started without making a huge investment. It is better to buy a roll of ribbon or at least a few yards for each hair bow you will make so you can avoid gluing several pieces together As you become more skilled or begin selling more bows, you can invest in specialty ribbons.

Making hair bows out of more than just ribbon

There are so many things that can be used for making hair bows such as yarn, ribbon, beads, rubber bands, or anything that you may have on hand that you saved from another project. Taking things off of old hair bows or add new things to it making it like an new one. Spruce up hair bands by adding beads, glitter or sequences with a little bit of glue. You can create countless hair band styles. It can’t get any simpler than making a “shoelace” bow. Select your ribbon and make sure that the two loops are of equal size and extend up to the ends of the barrette. The tails should also have the same length. If the bow is a little uneven, you have to re-do the ribbon until you make a perfect bow. Heat up your glue gun and make a thin line of glue on top of the metal barrette. Press the bow down immediately. Make sure the center of the bow is lined up with the center of the barrette. Let the glue dry before wearing. Be sure to use a lighter on all the ends of your bows to keep them from fraying.

Making hair bows for pets

You can even make hair bows for your dogs. Hair bows are just a pretty accessory that they usually get at the groomer, but for some a hair bow helps to keep shaggy hair out of their eyes. No matter whether you want to put a bow in your dog’s hair just for looks or for practical reasons, you don’t have to rely on the groomer for those cute puppy bows. You’ll find yourself making hair bows for your own little puppy with a few inexpensive supplies and no crafting experience.

Making a Simple Hair Bow

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You can make a a bow for you or your child’s hair in a very short period of time using 6 inches of your favorite ribbon,  hot glue gun, scissors and a lighter. What’s involved in making this adorable hair bow is being able to fold the ribbon multiple times, apply hot glue and hold until dry. When the bow is finished it can be attached to a Barrett, hair clip or even a headband using again the hot glue gun.  

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