Making laundry soap yourself couldn’t be any simpler. You can find free recipes just about anywhere that have steps easy to follow and using supplies that can be bought pretty much anywhere. Some good reasons to make your own laundry is it allows you to keep a large supply on hand for whenever you’ll need it and it’ll save you a nice chunk of money in the long run.

Things you’ll need for making laundry soap:

• Bar of soap

Use any bar soap you choose from the store. However, there are some popular brands that are preferred such as, Ivory soap, Zote, and Fels Naptha.

• Washing Soda

Washing soda isn’t the same as baking soda, so don’t mistake the two. They both look very much alike because they’re a white powder. However, they have different compositions. Baking soda is made up of sodium bicarbonate and washing soda is sodium carbonate. They certainly could be confused. What washing soda does is to get out dirt and stains from fabrics. Arm & hammer Washing Soda is the most popular brand to use. You should be able to locate it in the laundry detergent isle of most grocery stores.


Borax is also similar in appearance with both washing and baking powder. It is sodium borate that serves as a laundry deodorizer and whitener. The best brand that you can use is 20 Mule Team that can also be found in the detergent section of grocery stores.

Borax looks just like the other two ingredients washing and baking soda. It’s made out of sodium borate and its purpose is to freshen and whiten your laundry. 20 Mule Team is highly recommended for this and also can be found in the laundry soap isle at the grocery


– 1/3 bar of soap (any brand)

– ¼ c. Washing soda

– 1/4c. Borax – Water

Materials you’ll need:

Small bucket, Sauce pan, and Grater


1. Grate the bar of soap and place it in a sauce pan.

2. Put 6 cup of water in the sauce pan and place it under low heat. Wait until the soap melts completely.

3. Put both washing soda and borax and the stir continuously.

4. Take the sauce pan from the stove.

5. Pour 4 cups of hot water in the bucket and then pour in the melted laundry soap mix.

6. Add a gallon of cold water in the mix. Stir continuously and then let the soap mix settle until it turns into a gel form.

Note: The laundry soap will not really harden like your typical detergent bar.

Regardless of its appearance and texture, it is effective at removing the dirt and odor from your clothes. It is the ingredients that perform the cleaning. When making laundry soap, aside from the basic ingredients mentioned above, you also have the option to use perfumed oils for a pleasant smell.




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