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Going green is a choice many individuals are making. This says they want to do their part in reducing the negative impact they might be contributing to the Earth’s environment.

People who take going green seriously try to find any way to decrease the amount of toxins that pollute the planet. If you are one of them and enjoy burning candles in your home like most do, then you will want an alternative that is environmentally safer.

Natural soy candles are just one example of a product that’s been accepted as a stand- in for today’s common candle that is petroleum based. When you decide to substitute a candle that’s made from natural soy ingredients, you are reducing your use of fossil fuels.

There are no toxins administered into the air when you use soy candles like petroleum based candles do. They emit toxins that can affect small children with breathing problems. Soy candles are perfectly safe to use around children and pets.

You ever notice the black soot that accumulates on the glass of candles? Well this is what happens with petroleum based candles. This black soot can get all over the place and cause discoloration on walls and furnishings as well as become an irritant. However, natural soy candles burn almost completely clean.

Clean up can be a real mess after petroleum based candles have melted on a surface. Sometimes it takes a cleaner with harsh chemicals to get the melted wax up. On the other hand, clean up isn’t an issue with natural soy candles, use soap and water.

Switching to a soy candle might not seem like a big deal in living a green life. Not every step has to be a big one to make a difference. Natural soy candles are fun to make yourself and are a perfect substitute for paraffin candles, which only contributes to the problems related to fossil fuels every time they are lit.




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