portable greenhousePortable greenhouse for hobby gardening has become very popular. Making a portable greenhouse isn’t as difficult as many people think. Creating portable greenhouses doesn’t take a lot of time or money. Prices vary depending upon how big or how small of a greenhouse you make. All portable greenhouses duplicate exactly what larger ones do, but on a smaller scale.
There are some small greenhouses that are adequate enough to get the job done for under $10. On the other hand if you want a larger greenhouse, expect to pay a bit more. You can find many portable greenhouses at home and garden centers in addition to home improvement stores. All portable greenhouses come with biodegradable material for pellets. Most use peat moss for the pellets. They come in a consistency that is hard as a rock and need to be turned into a texture appropriate for seeds to germinate.

Simply fill the pellets with enough water to have the level just above the height of your pellets. Let the water sit for approximately 15 to 20 minutes. With a pair of tweezers, gently place your seeds into the center of each pellet of wet peat moss. After placing the seeds inside of the pellet, make sure you cover them up with your pellet material after inserting each seed.

Manufacturers will generally cover the pellets with plastic lids along with the pellet material, but you don’t have to necessarily cover your seeds if you prefer not to. You can either place these in an area where you receive the sun from the east or even have them in your basement until your seedlings begin to grow sprouts. If you are building a larger portable greenhouse, they are ready to be placed in your greenhouse after you plant your seeds. After growing an inch or more, re-pot to larger pots or places to allow adequate room for plants to grow healthy.

If you are considering a larger greenhouse, think about building one. This quick project can be performed using PVC piping for framework. The PVC piping is lightweight as well as easy to work with which makes moving this baby around the garden much easier than if you had a traditional greenhouse made of wood. You can purchase PVC piping from one of the home improvement or local hardware stores. The average size that is easy to work, build and can typically hold nearly anything you want to grow is a six foot by six foot frame.

At the home improvement store, ask about the amount of PVC pipe needed for your portable greenhouse approximately six feet by six feet. You will need portions of straight piping as well as corner pieces to make your portable greenhouse. One side support is necessary for every center of each of the four walls. The straight piping is for the support and base of the portable greenhouse. Joining the pipes together for a nice fit is simple. If you have any questions, ask the home improvement store staff for a little help with selecting the amount of piping needed or how much for the size you are contemplating.

Portable greenhouses are an easy, convenient way to make sure that your seeds will germinate. These create an ideal setting for plants and seeds without taking up the space for a greenhouse and can be moved from place to place easily if warranted.

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