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These are used in bars and cocktail lounges, providing tastes of liquor among people out having a good time. A single shot glass can have a big impact in these instances and are shared and collected as souvenirs. Having too many of them take up space, so there has got to be some creative use for them, right? Indeed there is, they can be used to make candles. There called shot glass candles

These candles are fun, very artistic and they’re convenient to have around the house or wherever you might want to add them, not only to use for mood lighting, but to use as an ornamental element in any space.

Making your own homemade shot glass candles is a snap. The method is simple and affordable. Using these easy steps and a little bit of cash, you’re off to beginning a new hobby, having some creative fun or maybe starting a small home business. This is also a great way to being green by recycling and using old candle wax.

Easy Shot Glass Candle Steps

  • Take used candles and cut them into pieces and then put the pieces in metal container. If you want to color the wax then only use old candles that are uncolored to make it easier.
  • Carefully put the container with the wax in it into a pan of boiling water.
  • When the wax has melted and reached the right temperature is when you will add coloring to the wax.
  • Get the wicks ready. Make them longer than the shots glass.
  • Put the wicks inside the shot glasses.

Slowly and gently pour the melted wax in the glasses being careful not to sink the whole wick.

As the wax begins to set you want to adjust the wick so it’s centered in the glass and then leave the glasses alone until the wax is fully set.

See these steps for making candles homemade are fairly easy to do. Just keep in mind when choosing your shot glasses the thicker glasses are the safest one to use for candle making. To make it easier to keep the wicks straight, you might want to tie it a toothpick and place the toothpick over the shot glass candle. Remember to cut 1/4 of it before lighting it up.

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